Post Jam Polish And Other Sheananigans

hey! a devlog! it's like i am officially a dev or something.

considering probably no one is gonna read this i'm gonna keep it kinda informal. it's more natural this way.

Well! the jam was spectacular! i had quite my fun, met a bunch of awesome people, discussed ratings and stuff, exchanged votings and games, and reviewed some even. i am pretty sure i even have some that i totally forgot and if i forgot yours, please please tell me so i can play your game!

However, the game wasn't exactly the best. i can't really say it had an achilles heel. it was more like an achilles torso, achilles digestive system. achilles butt if it was particularly big. it had big problems in terms of player communication.

try to find this one ingame folks

so, in case you haven't played the game (play it, it's got a skeleton now*) you need to change tower types to attack different kinds of dudes and dudettes that come to tear your house apart. also you need to move out of the way sometimes a lot because you get attacked by artillery and stuff.

some enemies are immune to certain towers, and you need to adapt accordingly. that's good! what is not so good is when kinda tell the player "hey, you are doing something to this guy" when you are actually doing nothing to this guy.

 You literally can't kill some enemies with some towers, yet i displayed the healthbar, as if he was being hurt, and slowed them down, as if the attack was doing something. it was a living nightmare seeing people use the bomb tower and thinking they were damaging the enemies. and it was my fault!

I had a whole system of enemy resistances and stuff that i planned to put in that two day long coffee induced haze that was the development of this game. at the end i just decided "F it, let's make this dudes immune" yet still told them they were getting hurt, so they slowed down and displayed the healthbar and NO DUDE YOU DON'T DO THAT now all players are doing stupid stuff wtf

also something sad was that artillery was getting completely and absolutely ignored by players, and that led them to an early death by prolonged cannon to the face. i hope i made it obvious enough now. at least there is a set of instructions in the menu now, though the chances of someone clicking that is slim. i'm tired though and i hate tutorials so that's all i'm gonna do for now.

the boss sucked. too tanky, boring, didn't do anything. i hope i fixed that a bit now. maybe i went overboard. let's see! won't say anything here though, haha

well, also polish: now you can pause, there is difficulty levels (because being the dev i didn't realize how stupidly hard it can get), the difficulty curve is smoother and the enemies get introduced kinda one by one and as organically as i could (specially the new enemy, though i haven't yet had people test it) you can stop the music and you no longer spawn infinite artillery with a debug key. why i am such an idiot.

hope y'all like it, though i don't think anyone really read all that and got down here, hahahah

let's hope there is no more bugs too! 

*i read somewhere in an skeleton manifesto that skeletons shouldn't use headgear of any kind. 

though i completely oppose to this (horned helmets are the best for skeletons, also, Army Of Darkness) the skeleton i do provide comes with a lack of headful arrangements. just to be democratic, of course

such powerful imagery


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Aug 14, 2019

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I think you have a really cool concept to evolve the Tower Defense genre. And I like your approach to a more hands-on learning instead of a bunch of tutorials. Perhaps color coding enemies could also be of help :)

Thanks a lot, Zatask! sorry for replying so dang late, life got in the way.

I'm still incredibly grateful for the video, it was funny and also awesome to look at it being played on youtube, hahahah

I really want to iterate on this concept some time. If i ever get time, i already got some ideas (most importantly, progression and upgrades) but gotta do quite a lot of stuff and i'd better do some small concepts before getting into it again.

Again, thanks!!!