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This game is really good. I'm a big fan of Oregon Trail-likes, and this is one of the best. The impressionist art and SFX are amazing, and the gunplay is really frantic. One of the best jam games I've played.

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this game is great

would likely recommend to friends in a random,unrelated conversation


I made it to the end and yet i fucking died

Is not being able to shoot after being seen normal?

You can shoot after being seen, but you can't shoot while moving.

Love the game, did anyone notice that you can pet your friend with rmb?

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Is the gun randomly not shooting (even when you have ammo and after waiting a while to make sure it's not reload) a bug, or did you seriously make completely silently jamming a feature? Either way, unplayable. I need to be able to rely on my gun to shoot when and where I click, or have a way to check/unjam it.


hardest game i think i've ever played


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Oh, and another thing- I assume you're working on other projects but there's a bit of a bug where you can still drop your items while dead.

also muh friend is so sad T~T


Man, thanks a lot for the kind words!!!! Stuff like this makes it all worth it :)

The game's filled with bugs, sadly- it was quite rushed because of the game jam. Also, i don't have the computer i made it in right now! I broke it. So waiting for it to be fixed!

However, i AM working on a new project! ;)


Man I love this game! I've figured out a lot of useful things, so here's a list of important stuff~

1. Stealth is, in fact, much better than open conflict- ESPECIALLY on "Survive" levels. Do not, at any time, use your gun unless you see the crazy pig(s).

2. Fear the crazy pigs. They got a gun AND you need two shots to take them out. I believe they're always in a building with a massive stash of resources just behind the corner, so if you REALLY need ammo, healthkits, and food, go for it. But make sure you have about 4 bullets before you go in there, god knows how many pigs there'll be inside. 

3. Easiest way to take out crazy pigs is to lure them out by standing there (like a doink) and making them go outside. Then, find a bush and get down before he comes out to look for you and shoot them- it's a lot easier than running around like a crazy pig.

4. insert angry birds sequel joke here


so what happens after the pigs escape? where do they go?

I have a friend who loved the game and made a gameplay, it's in Portuguese but I think you can see how much he liked the game


Being from uruguay i can understand a little bit, hahaha
Thanks a lot for playing!!! Glad he could try it out! He got far!


i actually managed to escape, but where to?


sad that you can't be a cannibal


check the movie The Road for basically this, with cannibalism!


FINALLY BEAT THE GAME!! I love how at the start you are carefully hunting for items but on the last level, you have stocks of ammo & medkits and have to go guns blazing! This took me weeks along with changing strategies!


Damn, you've been playing that much, wow o:

Congrats dude!!! Or sorry, i don't know (? hahahahahah

Glad you liked it, happy holidays!!! <3


very interesting, it didnt specify what i was hunting, so i lost rather quickly when i found a large herd

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really exciting game , btw i liked your games drawing style


Thanks, Snoayy!! That's a nice compliment <3

hey just a little question, what game engine was this game made on?


Gamemaker 1.4! The ol' reliable

I'd recommend it to anyone willing to start gamemaking! If you can watch Tom Francis's tutorials, even better


thank you, i love this game alot 

This game is super difficult, but also super fun! I'm enjoying learning new strategies through trial and error, and panicking whenever I mess up, haha! Hoping I'll be able to get all the way through some day, my current record is getting to the second checkpoint.

My only issue is that for some reason, the downloaded version doesn't seem to have audio? Not sure what's goin on there, but at least the HTML5 version runs perfectly.

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Thank you so much!!!! :)

i hope it's not Windows fighting me again.  Hmmm,  Using windows, right? My fear that using the older gamemaker builds might be getting slowly worse is true, hahahah

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Yep, usin' windows!

New update btw, I've been able to make it to the third checkpoint thing. Would've survived it if I hadn't underestimated how many pigs there were there when I decided to just sprint to the end lol

Hah! if you want to go through peacefully you'll need to make an opening or a distraction, as it's quite impossible to got through undetected. It's easy to kill everyone when you've got a feel of how they look for you, but it's still really high stakes!

Also, an idea: On the death screen, show the roadmap of how far you've gotten, maybe with some special effects or of that sort!


That's brilliant, actually. Cool way to show the progress before death! Maybe even with something that shows your furthest point, hmm

Saving it for when i do the sequel!

Alright! I'll eagerly await the sequel then! :D

Is there a discord server for this game? Would be nice to know about some fun leaks or news! :D


Awh man, i thought i had already replied!

Not for now! I should probably make one for the games one day, but for now it's only this!

It'll probably won't be updated much: i want to re-do this game from scratch one day, actually. Not for now, though, many things to do before that!

Wow, is it just me or the game is loading super slow (or maybe my PC is too suck). The black screen made me scared

Hm, in any case, try downloading it! o:


This is one of the coolest games I've seen on this site. Normally I can't play hard games like this for very long before I rage quit, but this is so neat that I just have to finish it. This definitely has the potential to be something much bigger and better than it already is.

Awh, thanks! <3

I definitely plan on making a bigger version someday.

If you beat it, be sure to show us!!


how do i leave hunting

By walking to the right or to the left! Go towards the blue light. Some hunts don't have a blue light on the left, and you need to pass through to survive.




when i go to play the game, my computer blocks it, should i click ignore?

Yeah, it's an issue I've always had with all my games, I guess windows doesn't like Gamemaker 1.4? If you feel weird about opening it there is always the HTML5 version, but don't worry, I can barely code a game in gamemaker, there is no virus risk with my games, hahahahah


i recommend adding a html5 version to itch, you can do that so it's playable here

it's there! i gues it's hard to see because the loading background is the same colour as the page background, oops


oh lol, yeah i think you should make it a non blending color, usually there's a play button, for some reasone this one autoplay


i'd better make it not autoplay, it's indeed a problem, hahahah

thanks for pointing it out!!!