Be one of the many Judges in hell, who decide the fate of the new souls.

You only got one try, and not enough time to ask all the questions.

Try to answer as best as you can.


Submission for the Talkative Server Jam! The theme was "Afterlife". Sorry for making it edgy it's not my style at all, hahahaha

I wish i could have worked more on this, added sounds and more graphics, but the jam got me on a weekend where i had to travel and do quite a bunch of stuff so i barely could work on it. I hope it was enough though!

It's a bit edgy and dark and honestly i don't think i'm a good writer at all and barely have any practice but it was really fun to do! Hope you people like it.

Take it more as an experiment, heheh

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
Tagshell, Twine


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(;o;) argh it's sad!

Is there any way to restart the game to see the other endings?