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i do not take ownership of those RAD WORDS.

e to use and r to restart

What is a game? Professor M. Mouse of Texas, America claims that the word game denotes "the historical process by which the term game has been characterised and understood".
Easy for you to say, Professor!! Those of us with a more down-home approach to codifying the various aspects of a nebulous and unbearable human condition prefer to go by a simpler definition, thus.
A game is some combination of the following indivisable elements:
- skeleton
- red key
- score thing
- magic door
  If you see something that looks like a videogame but isn't, you should notify the Police.

Edit: this is, basically, an experiment to see if i could make good feeling platformer mechanics, along with an small system to make dialogue. One year later, i could finally use these systems to make Manorvania! Please try it if you can!

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I love games that conform to this definition, thank you for adding to the pool!

Oh man i am so late to see this. Hahahah, thanks! It's an honor, hehe