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In a forgotten coastal town plagued with negative thoughts, a monkey tries to help people. With sax. And good vibes.

Move with WASD. Use the sax with the arrow keys. SPACE to climb poles and metal pipes.

Made By Stopsignal, with awesome music by Juanba. With some code help from Stradex.

Made for the Care Package Bundle! It's a bundle made with positivity as its main theme. I actually loved to work  with all of these amazing devs, please check their games out too! Or why not, the bundle itself:

This is a really experimental, short game. I'ts mostly an exploration on a theme, an atmosphere, and i hope i nailed it.

Also, i'm using this as mostly a way to take out some negative feelings that i have being stuck here at home and not being able to see my friends or travel to study. Stuffs weird. And bad. But let's make the best out of it, and make some art!



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Tagsartgame, jazz, monke, monkey, saxophone, unspeakable, vibes
Average sessionA few minutes


Get this jazzy game and 6 more for $7.00 USD
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If anyone is wondering what the controls are, you are meant to use care then click on the circles.

Otherwise it isn't very easy. In fact at one stage it is so frantic that it's nearly impossible to progress.

Ironically I felt very negative by the end


Made a video

This would be great... if I could get past the first section.


awesome game, bought the bundle and it's been amazing

Jeez dis is had


Monke :O


monke make funny music




Really nice idea!!

Thank you so much!! (: