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Absolutely incredible game! The balance is really great -- at the beginning I was pretty overwhelmed by how many Snitches appear so quickly but got the hang of it after a bit. It took me like 5 or so tries to win -- lvl 3 Pigman + lvl 3 Immunity spell did 30 damage to the king at once, it felt great.

The spell mechanic is a great addition to make the Autobattler formula feel less idle-y, I especially love the mechanic of having to strategically space out your spells so that the Wizards can keep attacking.

One thing I'd suggest is having a clearer distinction between the speed-up button and the pause button -- for some reason I keep accidentally clicking on speed-up when I really mean to pause, maybe because there's no border between the two? But that's really a minor gripe. You've really got something phenomenal here. I'd vote against adding a PvP, if you're considering it, because the game is balanced around fighting the AI, so you'd have to spend a lot of energy readjusting the mechanics on something that I personally wouldn't play.

Row 1: shielded & buffed Succubus

Row 2: Lv3 Bard + Lv3 Bone Book

Row 3: Nurse + shielded Big Boned

 when you give a unit the bone item and they die
the entity that spawns is called "boner"

why is mine different

I got this too. It is because both the witch and the king died in the last round.

i also got the king and the witch to die too in the last round


Hi StopSignal! I created an account to tell you how much I enjoyed playing this game. I've never tried an auto-battler before, but I really enjoy strategy games, so this is a great mixture of the two.

If you're still looking for new monster ideas from the development log thread, one of the things that crushed me in earlier runs was Archers sniping crucial allies (like Bards and Healers) before the forces met in the center to begin melee combat. A Slime monster that aggros arrows to it -acting like a damage sponge- could diversify strategy, allowing players to use enemy resources against them. Level 2 Slimes could absorb arrows and spit them back out at enemies every handful of steps, and Level 3 Slimes could shorten the cooldown time and increase damage at enemies. I feel this would be a higher tier unit- maybe tier 2 so players have the chance to place them on the board before archers start appearing. Speaking as a player, I feel this could offset my need to fill the board with as many Summoners, Rattlers, or units with duplication abilities as possible to survive the initial enemy barrages, and let me focus on building a few very strong units with immense staying power earlier without them being sniped out.

Otherwise, I'm sure you're immensely busy working on the game, and I hope you're taking care of yourself and otherwise in high spirits! You've done great work to be sure, and I wish you nothing but the best!

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Took me forever but got a no hit run. I wish I could go back to show the configuration I used. Used Big bones + nurses and immunity spell book to take down the King.

I have done no-hit runs 10 times or even more.

It's possible to defeat the King with 1 alpha-unit with lots of supports, like nurses, and assassins. But as for me, Bard-Rocker-Something respawnable is much better. 

That's the last run start of the boss fight:

Found a major bug, when the max level succubus bounces their charm to the king it instantly kills them.

"The Witch Won?"
Well I'll take it. 

Ive killed the king at least 20 times by now. This game is extremely fun and id pay upwards of 45+ for a 4-8 hour playtime full release. add pvp also.

>add pvp also
please, don't do it!!!
the game is so cool now, PvP will suck all the pleasure from it

Finally got a perfect run. Zero damage one hit king. Excalibur plus a good blacksmith is obscene.

it's pretty good

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IMO, the best strategy is as MANY things as possible, like as many things as you can(I'm talking about rats, spells, the summoner, things that make things are the best for any strategy)

(I also almost beat the king without taking DMG like 3 times, also beat the king a lot)

This game is genius. I am trying now to beat the king with another combo but the obvious summon/bard synergy.

i recommend a beef cake/succubus build

Thanks for the hint, but what is the beef cake?

Great single combo I found was the golem guy that gains attack when attacking, with shield item and healer.

stacking stats on a single character

Quick question it says coming soon and i downloaded it when will those possible be coming

Hopefully when I get enough free time (and inspiration, I'm kinda burnt out this days, specially on this project) to continue!! I got some stuff done, but it still needs quite a bunch of work!

It will be done, however, I got plans for this game, I want it on steam and phones as a full experience!

that sounds awesome, sorry about the burnout take as long as you need!!


awsome game ! can't wait for more , ( new minion enemy , endless mod deck ) just wanted to let you know a bug occure when 2 healer are on the same lane , they don't heal . cheers all the love

feature request to turn screen shake off :)


I don't have the proof but I remember there's a third ending where you die and kill the king at the same time revealing another ending but it is so long as I got an ending I don't remember if it's true or not so correct me if I'm wrong



W game


10/10 game, will absolutely be wasting time playing this game again.


I agree with you fully, only took me 4 mounths

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It would if there would be a way to make your own deck as the deck update will be published. I would also like to have this deck: Skull, Skeleton, Bard, Nurse, Assasin, Ratfolk, Bone Book, Mausoleum Summonner, Blessing, Pikeman, Excalibur, Milk, Big Boned, Jumbo Milk.

Thanks for this wonderful game.

I was able to win after a few tries and really enjoyed the game. The only thing missing is the volume setting :)

The game make me insane

cool game sad it don't have free play or better sound effects 

Crash Log

Couldn't Move Back a unit bard1039382 HalloweenArmyNewVersion.js:2184:83

Couldn't Move Back a unit imp1039710 HalloweenArmyNewVersion.js:2184:83

Couldn't Move Back a unit imp1039713 HalloweenArmyNewVersion.js:2184:83

Couldn't Move Back a unit rocker1039363 HalloweenArmyNewVersion.js:2184:83

Couldn't Move Back a unit boners1039803 HalloweenArmyNewVersion.js:2184:83

Unhandled Exception - uncaught exception: { message : "Unable to find any instance for object index '0' name 'oBigBook'", longMessage : "Unable to find any instance for object index '0' name 'oBigBook'", stacktrace : [ "function _W2("Unable to find any instance for object index '0' name 'oBigBook'") ","function(0) ","function _8e1([instance], [instance], 0) ","function gml_Script_EffectTypesAfterDeath([instance], [instance], "head3", "bone") ","function gml_Script_Die([instance], [instance]) ","function gml_Script_KillPawns([instance], [instance]) ","function gml_Object_oTurnController_Step_0([instance], [instance]) ","function(769, 0, [instance], [instance]) ","function(769, 0, [instance], [instance]) ","function(769, 0) ","function _yp3() ","function _4p3() ","function _Ao3(5018637.9) " ], script : "", line : -1 } in file at line 2186

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crashed while playing a 3 line summon bard game when meet the king at round 2.

I guess too many summoned unit crashed it

I managed to get flawless victories without losing any hearts 3 times, but still can't formulate the strategy.
For me, it requires Rocker-Bard-Something respawning at the main lane, and 1 or 2 succubus with shields and large HP at the secondary lanes. Also, some other support units are needed. And getting a mausoleum ASAP is crucial (however, farmers/blacksmiths are not useful for me because they appear too late).
Nevertheless, I'm still interested is it possible to create such a strategy to win at least 1/3 of the games without losing any hearts.

The last battle was so head-to-head at the very end. The fat bastard killed all the units on the main lane, and I saved the game with the last spell.

The start of the last battle (it was soooo nervous that I didn't manage to get Bard L3)

The moment when secondary lanes were cleared (the first lane was revealed to be quite overpowered):

And... the scoreboard

PS: Love the game! 

I think I found away to one-shot the king. Basically, you need a lv 3 succubus to get the ability where they charm two enemies at once. If the succubus hits the enemy in front of the king, the 2nd charm hits the king and one shots them. I dont think  this was intentional

Wow! Nevertheless, it seems that the task of creating L3 Succubus is much harder than winning the game)

The combination that led me to a victory <3

I definitely love these kind of games

I have legitimately beat this game 10 or 11 times its so fun please never stop making games


great game i played again

Finally won. Took 9 waves, which meant a weaker king. And the lizard with a gun is so good.

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My addiction is unhealthy

Can you make the dragon able to damage the castle according to how much damage it actually deals instead of how many levels it has?
Also can you make it so lvl-3s deal 3 hearts instead of 2?

I wonder if this would work in real life...

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Closest I've ever gotten!

I haven't beaten this game yet, but I love it and all of the cool combinations and strategies you can do. I hope to see more great games in the future.



out of my 3 wins (in the browser version) this one was my favored one to pick because it showed 2 things. The first being you don't need top tier units to win, and second being the attention to detail put into the game.

The fact there is a end screen made just for if you win on 0 health is fun to see. Good work so far I just personally would like to see more lane interactions and the choice to tier up or not.
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How'd you get the variant victory pic?

Edit: Oh, I see - it's a secret ending for scoring a mutual kill. Neat!

Does this game happen to be powered by the same AI as Freddy?
It gets surprisingly accurate on how you play extremely quickly!

Also the spy mechanic is overpowered. For more information, see [quantum mechanics]

As for me, the spy makes sense only at the very beginning, when you just don't have the units to secure all the lanes and don't have the spells to act interactively. In the later stages lanes are balanced. And the boss fight always has the King on the central lane.

The joke was about quantum mechanics XD

Basically in quantum mechanics there is a 'wave function' where a superposition of two or more states could be. When you observe that state, the wave collapses and the identity of that superposition is defined. 

We'll use Schrodinger's Cat for  the example.

Imagine, if you will, a box. The box is sealed, and it is impossible to see inside without opening the lid. Within his box is a cat, and a radioactive molecule. A radiation measurement tool is pointed at the molecule, and connected to a hammer suspended over a glass vial of deadly cyanide gas. When the radioactive molecule decays,  the sensor detects it and drops the hammer, smashing the vial, releasing the cyanide, and killing the cat. 

The cat has no way of interacting with the system, and is completely at the mercy of that random process of radioactive decay.

Until you open the box, it is impossible for you to know if the atom has decayed or not, and therefore if the cat is alive or not. This is called a superposition.

The atom is in a superposition of decayed and not, the vial is in a superposition of smashed and not, and the cat is in a superposition of alive and not.

The cat is now quantum-ly entangled to the radioactive molecule. 

Until you open the box, it is impossible to know if the cat is alive or not. That is the 'wave function.'

When you open the box and observe the situation, the wave function / superposition collapses. At that moment, the cat is either alive or dead, rather than a superposition of both.

Tying back into the game, until you spy on the enemy, it is impossible to know where the enemies are. So, if it changed based on where you put your troops, you wouldn't know because you never observed the state of the enemy. Once you observe it, the state is defined and can't change. So if you observe the enemy before placing your troops, the enemy can't change to try to beat you, allowing you to stay one step ahead of it.

TLDR: I'm a nerd, it's  funny, laugh or else.

Could we pretty please get a fullscreen button for the web build? :D


This game is so hard! But not a painful hard like getting over it, more like a challenging hard like the BabaIsYou type puzzle games.

Would you mind if I recorded a play-through/indie review for my [small] YouTube channel?

I have a few videos I am editing, so it may take me a little before I can record, but I would really love to share this game with my impressive audience of [1] person!

If you would like to reach out to me, you can always reach out here, but I don't have notifications on so I may reply faster by Email or Skype (yes I use Skype)

Here is my contact info if you're intrested:

Email (Business inquiries) :

Skype (Contact me directly) : @GooseGooseDuck198

YouTube (Indie Dev and Indie Reviews) : @GooseGooseDuck198

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