After struggling to live with no job, a girl becomes a necromancer and tries to overthrow the King.


A mixture of auto battler and strategy game, this is a project that i started for last year's halloween! Damn, i think i am not good at setting deadlines for myself!

Please report any bugs, if seen! It shouldn't have any, but who knows.


CONTROLS: (though the game is designed to be played entirely with a mouse)

R- Roll

SPACEBAR - Attack / Pause Battle

S (or click and hold thing)- Sell chosen  thing.

You can aslo FREEZE something by clicking on it twice!


-Books need to be at the right of the lane to be able to be used.

-Merging units is important!

-The king gets slowly stronger, so try to rush him or go slow and become strong enough!

-Windows defender might say it's a virus. Sorry, it's a bad side effect of using this really old version of gamemaker. If you don't trust me, just play the HTML5 version! <3


COMMENT IF YOU WIN!!! It should be a bit hard, but not that much!! Who is up to the challenge? (;


Code and art by Stopsignal

Music by Juanba -grab sound by bob1

Updated 11 days ago
Published 13 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(31 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker: Studio
Tagsauto-battler, autochess, Singleplayer, Skeletons, Wizards


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Finally got a perfect run.

I finally get it after losing 12 times. It's so satisfactory!!!

That's too close how did I messed up

The one right after I got lucky too, but why can't the king be charmed by the succubus though.

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I really like this game, except for one bit: the fact that the boss comes out when you've done enough damage to the enemy between the levels. It creates this pressure to build a team that's good but not too good, otherwise it'll get you to the king before you're ready. And that's just not as fun to me as building the strongest team under some other type of time pressure.

king mode when

this run was a complete roller coaster

i ALMOST won with no hearts lost 😭 

After a good handful of tries I got a busted summoning and spell build with a little luck. I was afraid of this game falling short where there was only one strategy that actually worked, but a ton of other builds got me really far :) Lots fun and even though I knew for a fact I was gonna beat the king, the music still got me worried lol. With some tiny things like an overall stats screen in the menu and some challenge modifiers I could see myself buying this on steam for a couple bucks, charming and inspiring game you got here.

This is a quality game. Was fun.

This is a quality deckbuilder. Bug: The bone effect (spawn funny bone on death) cancels out the arrow effect (shoot an arrow after stepping)

that’s intentional 

apparently any trait that’s shown as an aura (ex. shield)

can be replaced by other ones 

both bone and the arrow trait are auras, so the bone cancels out the arrows on a bowie if given

The game is really cool I had playing it there are no bugs that I could find that made the game unplayable. The gameplay and the balance is amazing the artstyle is also amazing. Can't wait for more updates or a full relese.

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She had to go to bed early.

I liked the true ending, it's almost like an easter egg (got that in 8 turns). It's cool how it ties into the game!

Lil feedback: It's hard to tell when you're paused or not, because when you hover the pause/play buttons, it changes which one is highlighted. And I can't tell if I'm paused, or just accidentally highlighted the buttons when I tried to fast forward. The click box for the pause/play buttons feels a tad too wide too. It's also messy and awkward how the spellbook's targeting circles cover every target the moment you pause, because the basic enemies are already a bit too hard to tell apart.

Fast forwarding doesn't feel very fast with the constant pausing it's doing between every movement. A fast forward for regular gameplay that cuts back on the pauses and speeds up the graphics could be nice, too. It'd also be handy if the number keys also paused the game, so you could use the tomes without having to pause and unpause manually. Or let us use tomes without pausing?

Also, when I try to swap two of the same unit, they just merge and level up. I feel like it should be harder to make that mistake somehow, so that I don't accidentally merge my units.

Bug: The Pigman in the store says it gains 1/1, but in battle, the description changes, and it really only boosts itself by 1/0. And the level 2 Pigman boosts by 1/1 instead of 2/1, apparently.

Bug: I think the knife throwing guy only works if it's immediately behind the ally that's attacking, but this is not clear from the text. I know ally kind of implies that it's the next one in this game, but Nurse also seems to work this way, despite saying it "heals hurt allies." It could be a bit clearer.

Bug: If you don't have enough gold to reroll, but you click the cauldron, then sell a unit, the reroll triggers.

Bug: If you have a unit in the market from combining a level 3 unit, and you combine another one, it doesn't replace the old one. This should only happen if the unit in the market is frozen.

Bug: I think if you have two medics in one lane, both healing occurs alongside the first graphical effect, and the second effect does nothing.

Fun and challenging game, otherwise. You've done a very good job!

The kobold cameo is a definite plus too. And it's a good unit, you've really made movement effects valuable, a big part of that is how it's always your units moving forward, so you can bounce them back and forth. That's neat. I think you've struck a fair balance where simply buffing summons doesn't work out every time, at least in this format. It's a lot of fun with some interesting and unexpected positions that can happen later in the game. That's always difficult to do.

And the truest ending: both princes defeated.

edit: and no hit!


i killed the king

then these 2 guys killed me

but i still got the victory


I mean, it makes sense, right? At that point the necromancer could just revive herself! hahaha
Glad you could beat it!!!! Quite a lot of units and low number of level threes, that must have been a bloodbath!!


Very cool game and good looking too ! :D I'm so bad at autochess but had a lot of fun beginning to find synergies and getting stronger ! 

Awhh, thank you so much Dablue!!!

I'll was checking your game out too, but couldn't get the time to give it an honest try. When i get off work i'll check it out!


yooo sick game! I thought I was just gonna be a plants v zombies clone at first but you blew me away with the level of synergy that the troops have. It was awesome to see things start to stack up into a massive army. Loved it!



Long time no see!!!

Awh, thanks man!! Glad you enjoyed it! Took a long time to design this one, hahhaah, but seems it paid off, as that was exactly what it wanted!

Glad you stopped by!!