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Boss uh... he's got a gun

(For his neutral special he wields a gun)

I loved dis game it was fun it trigged my hollow knight ptsd but i still loved it because kobold :3

Bug Report: Chef king's sideways slap attack causes a crash if you are dead when he uses it.


Incredibly enjoyable experience. It's a lovely change of pace and the combat is a treat. For those struggling, download the game. It's 10 times better than the web version since there's much less delay and overall runs faster. Very balanced experience I found. Love it! <3333

just beated this game and it's very fun to play and very cute

amazing game besides some of the not fun parts(like not having a speed upgrade because green is hecking slow to cross around the map)

I just beat the game and I love this so much. This is probably one of my favorite games on this site

Barely beat the third boss, in the king's room, cant even make it past the bat guy anymore :-(

have you tried shooting diagonally? i saw videos of people struggling against him because of that!

i know but gotta avoid the horizontal flying guys then.

tried parryjumpging him but the avoiding stuff gets tedious too...


the game gives me castle crasher vibes

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woof. This game is very well designed, but there’s some seriously brutal combat that just feels too unbalanced.

The first two bosses are doable, but the imp and final boss were nuts. A lot of the deaths feel unfair too, because often it won’t let me cancel the shooting animation to jump out of the way fast enough, and I get hit. It requires lightning fast reflexes and you can only get hit 3 times, so it just feels unfair. 

Other thing was the map- I don’t see why you can’t just always have it on you? It discouraged me from trying to find everything, because having a map station was a little tedious

but, really solid game otherwise, it feels good and has good level design. With a few tweaks I’d like it even more!

The game is fun, but I have a small issue.  This may be internet problems on my end, but sometimes the background music will finish playing and won't loop which causes no sound effects like shooting and enemies dying to play.  I'm not sure how the background music is tied with the sound effects, but it happens. 

Even in the beginning of the game, the sound effects don't play when the background music don't start up as soon as I start the game.

Needs level design. And what should I do when coins land on spikes?


Loved the game, the art style and the soundtrack are so good!
I felt like the bosses after the first were a bit too easy, though, you are just so much more powerful than them through all the upgrades you get. Especially the Chef King felt weak due to his slow moves, I beat him on the first try.
The movement felt very good and intuitive, I actually liked not being able to move while shooting.
Overall a 10/10 because I am biased due to my love for kobolds.

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I love the game but sometimes it glitches and keeps playing the dialogue, especially in the Kings battle.


theres a pit with spikes right before the first tour sig

or the tour sign


stay safe kiddos


no checkpoint before boss?

yeah its frustrating

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Lol el juego se ve divertido y es divertido me dan ganas de seguirlo jugando, amé el detalle de la animación cuando el pequeño apunta y cuando dispara, todo se ve excelente espero haya una parte 2 o algo así jaja estaría fenomenal este es el primer juego de que comento porque creo que se lo merece así que enhorabuena! un gran trabajo si fuera de pago lo compraría (en un futuro donaré algo xd)


Love the game but I really wish it had controller support. Mostly because I suck with keyboards. 


Went to backtrack to get the kobold egg in the pig pen. Reloaded a checkpoint save in the cell where all the kobolds are trapped and started getting this error message when the sequence where the imprisoned kobolds begin dialogue as if its the first time I went down there. The dialogue sequence never deactivates between loading saves. Ive gotten this error message every time it tries to load the dialogue sequence. 




action number 1

of  Step Event0

for object oCamara:

Unable to find any instance for object index '101888' name '<undefined>'

at gml_Object_oCamara_Step_0



stack frame is

gml_Object_oCamara_Step_0 (line -1)

I think its trying to show me the pickup full of kobolds but the camera is breaking. Just a hunch. 


Besides that. love the game! love bouncing on fools heads using the parry, despite it only doing as much damage as the bullets do, simply not as rewarding outside of doing some clever platforming.  Needs more damage to average enemies to make it more gratifying I think. 

The first boss got pretty tense ( as far as I got before my save softlocked ), especially when she stops doing predictable cycles and starts varying her movement and attack patterns on top of moving faster. Makes a challenge to find a viable window of attack to start blasting. 

Other than that, if the controls could be changed so  I can use W,A,S,D + spacebar and the mouse to shoot, then reaching Q to use a tabasco wouldn't be so hard. 


F***ing hard.  Loved it about half way.  I now understand "rage quit".


This is fine.

I mean, what's even wrong about this situation anyway?

(I'm pretty sure this just came from my save being left alone for two months of ragequit from that last battle  lol)

Sadly, yes!
I couldn't find a way to ask the browser if there was a savefile there or not - something that, honestly, you surely are able to, but i just couldn't.
So when you load a file that has literally nothing, that happens! Should probably add it to Probable Problems

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YES a couple of tries i win!!!! omg the game was so amazing i wish there was a part 2 

is there any thing that i can listen to this music everyday? i need it, thanks.

-Old -

uhhh what happened? when i beat lassie and trying to get the chest my account just gone but i login now and its this - never mind i got full auto so fast i speedrun the game ill kick lassie butt again - beat lassie now TWO tries XD my first gameplay is so hard but now i beat lassie butt - XD THE BAT CHEF WAS EASY i didn't know you gonna get a thingy so you can do the swing

Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
Deleted 2 years ago
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i wish the game translated to 3D

Very cute and fun, that's like a love letter to Alien Hominid.  I really enjoyed the game, but I ran into a few problems on the downloaded version.

There was no music whatsoever, though I was able to get the soundtrack to work on the Web Version.

After a while Sound Effects would start to overlay over themselves, causing some serious ear bleed.

Once, I found that when I turned around, I couldn't actually move until the camera had finished repositioning. It unfortunately caused a death.

Camera repositioning in general was not very smooth, especially when rapidly attempting to aim diagonally and jumping.

Despite the issues, the game itself in it's presentation and gameplay is very fun and well worth  it!

You are really kind, escpecially after all those problems! Damn, i have never heard of those technical problems! Could you please tell me in what version of windows you played it? (i fear that my old ass Gamemaker version might be slowly becoming too outdated)
The camera thing might have been because the game grounds you in place while shooting! Not many people were fond of this, i certainly learned my lesson there, hahahahaha

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I'm using Windows 10 OS Build 19042.1526.  Been playing it on my Laptop. I did record the gameplay if you'd like to cross reference it . It's recorded on OBS and played the Downloaded version here!

Because there was no soundtrack, I played Alien Hominid over the footage.

12:10 for the movement issue (it's fast, but I think I should have been able to get away)

15:30 for the most notable sound effect problems, they just got worse as I played, but I think went away if i relaunched.

Keep up the great work though, you really nailed the Behemoth style!

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can port for godot?

really fun metroidvania with a "newgrounds" charm. The shop adds a nice layer of depth o the game.
That said, i highly recommend downloading the game, the web version runs super slow


bat head chef is ridiculously hard in the final boss battle


Question: did you shoot diagonally? Cause i found out that's not well explained by the game!

This has BUCKETLOADS of potential!

I think you've basically nailed the presentation already. The art is adorable and full of character. I especially love the way the Kobolds expression changes each time you fire. 

The biggest issue is obviously the performance. Pretty solid otherwise.

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Hey, this game looks great and I'd love to play it through, but:

The web version performs very poorly, and there's no Linux version, and the Windows version doesn't work right under Wine.

So, this work is pretty much inaccessible to me. :(

If it helps, this is the error I get:


FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: FlashWhite

memory:67:22: error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER

at gml_Script_EnemyDraw


stack frame is

gml_Script_EnemyDraw (line -1)


My specs: 

-2gb ram

-Videocard: Intel GMA 3600 series 700mb 

Core: Intel atom N2600 1.6ghz with 4 cores

Runs me aprox. 10 FPS (game maker can't handle anymore in school's laptop/PCs)

Nice game and art design, Finishing it was a pain in my a*s.

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is this game hard? oh fuck yes.

is this game fun? oh fuck yes.

is the parry the supreme way to play this game? oh fuck yes.

Deleted post

i really enjoyed it! short and sweet, the upgrades make for fun mobility, and i really like the boss fights, all of them being pretty nice and challenging (although, i got a crash in the middle of the final boss, but it was a one time occurence lol)

the art is amazing, all the character designs are great, and it really takes me back to the days of hand-drawn Newgrounds flash games

i'd say it could use more options for getting around the castle, but i can call it a nitpick when i still somewhat enjoyed walking and jumping about, and it's not like we're dealing with a whole planet or giant kingdom, like in plenty of other Metroidvania style games

i unfortunately dont have my own cash to give you, but i would LOVE to buy a more expanded version of this game, with more places to see, more cool enemies, more eggs and more Gun Kobold action lol

tl;dr: 10/10, would save lizard friends again

i like the game no complaints

100%ed it - the third boss was brutal! fun game, shopkeep is best kobold <3

your art style and the theming are very strong! I'm a big fan of kobolds, this does kobolds justice. the hud is very charming, with the way green's face changes based on what you're doing. the pencil-y style is dear to my heart
green, a kobold with a shotty, is a very fun concept that's a key reason I was interested in the game in the first place. I can confirm: the kobolds are cute.
I also liked how meaningful the upgrades are; the gun upgrades make a big difference, for example, and parrying projectiles (and then enemies) is fun. every upgrade bought made a notable difference

I did get stuck for a while on The Imp, though!
the chain on the teapot in the middle of The Imp's arena kept getting in the way of my shots, it took me countless tries to beat him... but I also hadn't delivered any of the eggs, so I was fighting him at 3 hp and didn't know I could have more. whoops!
(the rest of the game was a good level of challenge, though!)
when you're standing on the furthest part of the top platforms your bullets disappear just before they hit The Imp. it can be tough to jump up from the lower platforms to avoid The Imp when he jumps up in your face. unskippable cutscene. I spent a lot of time in that boss room...
besides that, green walks a little slow, the mercy invincibility is kinda short, and maybe some sort of fast travel might've reduced some of the travel times.

it was good fun to breeze through the final gauntlet after I'd acquired all the upgrades and eggs! once you have all the components, between double-jump and tabasco and parrying, green has great aerial movement that makes me wish this game had a secret brutal bonus stage akin to Tower of Balue from Klonoa, that challenges your understanding of the movement

overall, a good game! I hope you keep making games, your art's lovely and I wanna see you tackle more game mechanics and genres


wait, wait, wait...
"but I also hadn't delivered any of the eggs, so I was fighting him at 3 hp and didn't know I could have more."


I went back to the starz once, the imps didnt do anything for me, so I never returned there.

Should have told me that those eggs actually have a purpose BEFORE you finish the game!

thought it as jsut same "you get alternate ending if you got them all" kind of thign! :O

okay, with now basically double the hp, it was pretty easy.
the bat dude was a pain in the final battle, but the rest was easy.
king himself could even be a zero hit thing if I paid more attention

Great graphics, reminds me of castle crushers!

Have you considered to allow the player to run and shoot? since it's a "run n gun" :)


game's runnin' at a smooth 5 fps in browser. I see you mention in your issues listed above that it's one of the problems with the game. Seems pretty fun so far, but I think I'll sit on this until the slowdown issues are resolved. Very amusing and cute characters.


if anyones interested in speedrunning this game please hop in my handy dandy discord server

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