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i wish the game translated to 3D

Very cute and fun, that's like a love letter to Alien Hominid.  I really enjoyed the game, but I ran into a few problems on the downloaded version.

There was no music whatsoever, though I was able to get the soundtrack to work on the Web Version.

After a while Sound Effects would start to overlay over themselves, causing some serious ear bleed.

Once, I found that when I turned around, I couldn't actually move until the camera had finished repositioning. It unfortunately caused a death.

Camera repositioning in general was not very smooth, especially when rapidly attempting to aim diagonally and jumping.

Despite the issues, the game itself in it's presentation and gameplay is very fun and well worth  it!

You are really kind, escpecially after all those problems! Damn, i have never heard of those technical problems! Could you please tell me in what version of windows you played it? (i fear that my old ass Gamemaker version might be slowly becoming too outdated)
The camera thing might have been because the game grounds you in place while shooting! Not many people were fond of this, i certainly learned my lesson there, hahahahaha

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I'm using Windows 10 OS Build 19042.1526.  Been playing it on my Laptop. I did record the gameplay if you'd like to cross reference it . It's recorded on OBS and played the Downloaded version here!

Because there was no soundtrack, I played Alien Hominid over the footage.

12:10 for the movement issue (it's fast, but I think I should have been able to get away)

15:30 for the most notable sound effect problems, they just got worse as I played, but I think went away if i relaunched.

Keep up the great work though, you really nailed the Behemoth style!

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can port for godot?

really fun metroidvania with a "newgrounds" charm. The shop adds a nice layer of depth o the game.
That said, i highly recommend downloading the game, the web version runs super slow

bat head chef is ridiculously hard in the final boss battle

Question: did you shoot diagonally? Cause i found out that's not well explained by the game!

This has BUCKETLOADS of potential!

I think you've basically nailed the presentation already. The art is adorable and full of character. I especially love the way the Kobolds expression changes each time you fire. 

The biggest issue is obviously the performance. Pretty solid otherwise.

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Hey, this game looks great and I'd love to play it through, but:

The web version performs very poorly, and there's no Linux version, and the Windows version doesn't work right under Wine.

So, this work is pretty much inaccessible to me. :(

If it helps, this is the error I get:


FATAL ERROR in Vertex Shader compilation

ShaderName: FlashWhite

memory:67:22: error: syntax error, unexpected NEW_IDENTIFIER

at gml_Script_EnemyDraw


stack frame is

gml_Script_EnemyDraw (line -1)


My specs: 

-2gb ram

-Videocard: Intel GMA 3600 series 700mb 

Core: Intel atom N2600 1.6ghz with 4 cores

Runs me aprox. 10 FPS (game maker can't handle anymore in school's laptop/PCs)

Nice game and art design, Finishing it was a pain in my a*s.

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is this game hard? oh fuck yes.

is this game fun? oh fuck yes.

is the parry the supreme way to play this game? oh fuck yes.

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Hell yeah brother


i really enjoyed it! short and sweet, the upgrades make for fun mobility, and i really like the boss fights, all of them being pretty nice and challenging (although, i got a crash in the middle of the final boss, but it was a one time occurence lol)

the art is amazing, all the character designs are great, and it really takes me back to the days of hand-drawn Newgrounds flash games

i'd say it could use more options for getting around the castle, but i can call it a nitpick when i still somewhat enjoyed walking and jumping about, and it's not like we're dealing with a whole planet or giant kingdom, like in plenty of other Metroidvania style games

i unfortunately dont have my own cash to give you, but i would LOVE to buy a more expanded version of this game, with more places to see, more cool enemies, more eggs and more Gun Kobold action lol

tl;dr: 10/10, would save lizard friends again

i like the game no complaints

100%ed it - the third boss was brutal! fun game, shopkeep is best kobold <3

your art style and the theming are very strong! I'm a big fan of kobolds, this does kobolds justice. the hud is very charming, with the way green's face changes based on what you're doing. the pencil-y style is dear to my heart
green, a kobold with a shotty, is a very fun concept that's a key reason I was interested in the game in the first place. I can confirm: the kobolds are cute.
I also liked how meaningful the upgrades are; the gun upgrades make a big difference, for example, and parrying projectiles (and then enemies) is fun. every upgrade bought made a notable difference

I did get stuck for a while on The Imp, though!
the chain on the teapot in the middle of The Imp's arena kept getting in the way of my shots, it took me countless tries to beat him... but I also hadn't delivered any of the eggs, so I was fighting him at 3 hp and didn't know I could have more. whoops!
(the rest of the game was a good level of challenge, though!)
when you're standing on the furthest part of the top platforms your bullets disappear just before they hit The Imp. it can be tough to jump up from the lower platforms to avoid The Imp when he jumps up in your face. unskippable cutscene. I spent a lot of time in that boss room...
besides that, green walks a little slow, the mercy invincibility is kinda short, and maybe some sort of fast travel might've reduced some of the travel times.

it was good fun to breeze through the final gauntlet after I'd acquired all the upgrades and eggs! once you have all the components, between double-jump and tabasco and parrying, green has great aerial movement that makes me wish this game had a secret brutal bonus stage akin to Tower of Balue from Klonoa, that challenges your understanding of the movement

overall, a good game! I hope you keep making games, your art's lovely and I wanna see you tackle more game mechanics and genres

Great graphics, reminds me of castle crushers!

Have you considered to allow the player to run and shoot? since it's a "run n gun" :)


game's runnin' at a smooth 5 fps in browser. I see you mention in your issues listed above that it's one of the problems with the game. Seems pretty fun so far, but I think I'll sit on this until the slowdown issues are resolved. Very amusing and cute characters.


if anyones interested in speedrunning this game please hop in my handy dandy discord server

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There's no music playing for the boss fights (or at least the first one as far as I know) in the download version. It seems that reloading the game fixes the issue tho

i like 

Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game and the story in it is quite funny and well thought overall.

-The gameplay mechanics are really good and well chosen for the game, I'll say that some of them could be a little bit polished as the learning curve felt a little bit strange at first.

-Visually the game is really outstanding, I really like the style in it. It has some newgrounds vibes on the character designs, I love it ^^

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)


please put a check point before bosses 

There are checkpoints before bosses, although sometimes a bit far away.

yeah not close enough


The corridor you have to go through to reach the final boss is really annoying, it feels you need more luck than skill to make it through. Still trying though.

Don't mess with the mom?  Xd

I need to check this game once I'm back home 

I discovered a bug during the final boss fight, wherein using a damaging parry on the boss and kettle simultaneously and dying at that same moment will result in a murder-beam-esque hitbox remaining on the kettle, which will eventually kill the king. This results in the ending cutscene dialogue playing out, but you respawning at the checkpoint before the boss. For some reason, this spawns an impassable door similar to the locked one from earlier, softlocking the game as far as I can tell.


lol my laptop thought it was a virus, fun game tho


This is really good! Pretty hard but I get the hang of it.

Watch me fight all the bosses, no damage, no upgrade, and no tabasco used during boss fight(gun only)!

My god I had trouble with even lassie without any upgrades what kind of masochist are you

did you took a alot of tries?

because i died alot of times

Yes, especially the 3rd and final boss. It took around 30 tries on 3rd boss and 40 on final boss. (could be more but I lost count after that)

oh god i think ama spend 3 hours beating lassie

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when i beat lassie and trying to get the chest my account just gone but i login now and its this

nevermind i restarted the game got back to 0 get full auto fast and kick lassie butt

i dont know how to get triple jump

kobold 2 cute


You fucked up the controls, JZ are jump and KX are fire, at least LC are interact though.

This was a really fun game. I love the graphics and the story was very funny. Keep up the great work! 

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One crash though when I parried a meat-thrower and its meat at the same time. Not sure if that was the cause but who knows :D

Edit: got the crash a few more times. Also, when fighting the Imp, a similar glitch occurred that did infinite damage to the Imp on a parry.

I ran into that crash twice too when killing a meat-thrower with a parry when they were mid-throw, the sound kept going and it sounded like the game was still "running," but the rendering froze

I got the first glitch, but also found a 'glitch' (probably just an overlooked thing, though) where if you use the tabasco sauce before dropping into the Imp's area and it hits him, he dies as soon as the dialogue is over.


It's hard to play, Mabey lowers the frame rate and makes it more clearer on what can you stand on and not. Also please make a tutorial so that people know the power-ups, basic movements, enemies, and I guess even settings to lower the volume, fps, and quality

Awesome game! Freakin' annoying at times, but really cool. Did find an annoying bug though. If you play it for longer, 20+ minutes, the sounds gets choppy and it plays somewhat slower, as if something on the background is consuming resources.

Another improvement point, it's really annoying that if you keep pressing jump the double jump triggers. Maybe it's personal, but I feel that double jump should only trigger when you let go of the jump key and press it again.

Another improvement point. Checkpoints should only be activated when you press 'C'. Now, when you fall all the way down you automatically hit a checkpoint, forcing you to go all the way up again, which sucks.


crazy difficult but its worth it 10/10

This game is really fun and well polished! Love the art style and mechanics. Great job!

simply amazing.


This game is pure gold, well done :)

are the suicide bombers also kobolds?

because if so thats morbid.

Goblins I think


This game is great! We love graphics, sounds and gameplay itself! Very well done!


Awh, thanks, guys!!! I checked you guy's stuff on twitter and loved what i saw, when i get more free time i'll check stuff out! :)

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