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You fucked up the controls, JZ are jump and KX are fire, at least LC are interact though.

This was a really fun game. I love the graphics and the story was very funny. Keep up the great work! 

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One crash though when I parried a meat-thrower and its meat at the same time. Not sure if that was the cause but who knows :D

Edit: got the crash a few more times. Also, when fighting the Imp, a similar glitch occurred that did infinite damage to the Imp on a parry.

I ran into that crash twice too when killing a meat-thrower with a parry when they were mid-throw, the sound kept going and it sounded like the game was still "running," but the rendering froze

I got the first glitch, but also found a 'glitch' (probably just an overlooked thing, though) where if you use the tabasco sauce before dropping into the Imp's area and it hits him, he dies as soon as the dialogue is over.


It's hard to play, Mabey lowers the frame rate and makes it more clearer on what can you stand on and not. Also please make a tutorial so that people know the power-ups, basic movements, enemies, and I guess even settings to lower the volume, fps, and quality

Awesome game! Freakin' annoying at times, but really cool. Did find an annoying bug though. If you play it for longer, 20+ minutes, the sounds gets choppy and it plays somewhat slower, as if something on the background is consuming resources.

Another improvement point, it's really annoying that if you keep pressing jump the double jump triggers. Maybe it's personal, but I feel that double jump should only trigger when you let go of the jump key and press it again.

Another improvement point. Checkpoints should only be activated when you press 'C'. Now, when you fall all the way down you automatically hit a checkpoint, forcing you to go all the way up again, which sucks.


crazy difficult but its worth it 10/10

This game is really fun and well polished! Love the art style and mechanics. Great job!

simply amazing.


This game is pure gold, well done :)

are the suicide bombers also kobolds?

because if so thats morbid.

Goblins I think


This game is great! We love graphics, sounds and gameplay itself! Very well done!


Awh, thanks, guys!!! I checked you guy's stuff on twitter and loved what i saw, when i get more free time i'll check stuff out! :)

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