Short metroidvania where you play as Dracula and try to help your friends, who are mad at you. Also, skeletons.

Made for halloween! In like, two weeks, more or less. It's the biggest project i've ever completed, and the worst time to do so- as i'm kinda being pressured by homework in the last weeks of class. Oops. Never again.

Move with WASD and jump with W or SPACEBAR. Talk to people with E. You can talk multiple times!

(CTRL F for fullscreen. If you like to do speedruns, CTRL SHIFT R restarts your whole progress. This game was made to be speedrunneable!)


Thanks a lot to my friends who helped me inmensely, testing and helping with sounds. Also lots of really kind feedback from people, messaging me telling me the thing looked cool. Thanks guys! You know who you are.

Special credits to:

Bauti777- Made the badass theme, once again, and helped with sounds!

Porkalator- Showered me with sounds!

I hope my kind of written humor isn't *that* bad, but you have been warned!

Hope you like it! <3

Edit: Thanks so much for the people who decided to donate a little bit and buy the game! It gives me a huge morale boost and makes me really happy, so thanks!!! I'm happy as long as people play the game and enjoy! (:

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(41 total ratings)
Made withGameMaker
Tagsdracula, Halloween, Metroidvania, Short, Skeletons, Spooky, unspeakable
Average sessionAbout a half-hour


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input mishandling (primarily in the form of uncommanded double jumps into hazards while carrying items necessitating repeating the whole trek to reacquire said item) renders this game unplayable.

how to leave the house

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we are waiting part II !!!



whattt this game was amazing. Everything about it- the animations really sold the feel of the player, great level design, and I actually laughed a couple times (never happens in games)

I do wish there was a map, not that’s it’s totally necessary but I just lost really easily. Still managed to win though!

I hope you make more Metroidvanias! I can’t believe that was 2 WEEKS


I know this game was made like two years ago, but i remember playing it during the confinement and, well, it's one of the coolest, most fun games I've played! I love the artstyle, the writing was chill and hilarious, the platforming was on point, and the music was pretty good too

Awhhh, thank you so much!!! Glad we could make it through the confinement B)

Indeed... Say, are you working on any new projects now? 

Oh, uh, btw, there's one teeny tiny thing I figured I'd mention. You know the large pit right at the start, close to where Mummy is? Well... for some reason, I thought falling down there and landing on either side was the intended way to go... so, uh, oops :P 

I guess the pit looked wide enough for me to think I could jump over it, but then I fell on the step, and after a leap of faith into the middle of the onion pizza, I saw the safe landings by the spike pit.


Wow, the difficulty is exactly right, but that last part was brutal 😲 Still though excellent game, good level design and animation too, but the last part could use a friends-radar or map or something, my god 😆

love the game its soooo good !




I REALLY REALLY like this! 


Awh, thank you so much, buddy! C:

This is a lot of fun. Great!

Hey, thanks a bunch for playing!! I'm always happy to see videos :)

Sorry for the difficulty spike there, hahahah, i ended up doing some things to make all of that last part easier, but mostly only that, so it's fine. Again, thank you! And thanks for playing so many indie games, you are a cool person <3

Played it on Newgrounds, very cool, just a question: getting ghosts makes any difference? Cuse I missed one at the end on top of the mummy.

Ey, hello! thanks for playing!

it does give you an extra jump, which makes some parts really easy, specially the last task, when you gather all of the friends.

it's mostly there so people who explore more and have some complications passing those last parts on time have a chance, hahaha

to get to that last one you must jump towards the roof literally above the mummy!

Thanks a lot for the reply, looking forward to the sequel.


This is such an awesome little game! I absolutely love the character portraits and dialogue, really top notch stuff! 

Thank you so much!!! Glad you liked it! <3


This is a fun little game! If I had to give one critique, it would be that the hitbox for the blood is bigger than I expected it to be. This was especially a problem getting Sally, since I would edge close to the blood trying to time my way around the skeleton only to brush the edge and get killed. Otherwise, this is a really cool game!

Thank you!!! That's an issue with me doing the whole blood thing in a really weird way, hahaha. Mostly drawing big "kill" hitboxes and then giving them any shape (which then made it impossible to change hitboxes much with the little time)

Anyways, thanks a lot for playing!!! :)